New Patient Update, Wednesday, September 16th at 23:30

New Patient Update, Wednesday, September 16th at 23:30
Dear Residents,
In the last few hours we learned about 2 new patients who have agreed to publish their names and routes, and we are grateful to them.
Ya’ara Wexler from the Zayit is in ב’6 in the Chativa Tzeira of Orot Etzion. She is the third patient from this class, which is already in isolation until 27.9
Personal contacts have been notified, and beyond that, Ya’ara had no further public contacts. We wish her a complete and speedy recovery.
Dagan resident Ari Erdfarb has also tested positive for Corona.
Ari prayed at the "Reshit Daganach" synagogue several times in minyanim that took place both inside and outside the building.
Ari attended the following minyanim inside the building:
September 10 - Shacharit at 6:15
September 11 - Shacharit at 6:15 and Early Kabbalat Shabbat
September 12 - Shacharit at 8:30
September 13 - Shacharit at 6:15
September 14 - Shacharit at 6:15
Ari attended the following minyanim outside the building:
September 10 - Ma’ariv at 19:00
September 12 - Mincha and Maariv
September 13 - Mincha and Maariv
The guidelines of the Ministry of Health for prayer inside a building stipulate that those who have been in the presence of a known patient at a distance of less than 2 meters for more than 15 minutes should enter into isolation.
For further clarification, please contact the Ministry of Health's hotline at *5400
In addition, on September 11th, Ari watched a baseball game at the Geffen field near the tennis courts at 13:00.
On Saturday evening, September 12, he attended the performance by Shlomo Katz at the Matnas. His capsule has been notified.
He then attended Slichot inside the Orot Yehuda building.
We wish Ari, Ya’ara and all the patients a complete and speedy recovery.
We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team