New Patient Update, Thursday September 17th at 1:00

New Patient Update, Thursday September 17th at 1:00
We recently learned about a new patient from the Tamar: Kobi Cohen has agreed to publish his name and route, and we thank him for that.
All personal and family contacts have been investigated, and Kobi has sent personal messages to all who need to go into isolation.
Public contacts:
Kobi attended the Tefila L’Moshe v’Eliyahu synagogue in the Tamar, he prayed inside the building while wearing a mask in the following minyanim:
Wednesday September 9th, Thursday September 10th, and Sunday September 13th -
Mincha and Ma’ariv at 18:00.
He also attended the Shacharit minyan inside the building on Shabbat of September 12th.
On Shabbat he provided signs to the Ba’al Koreh while wearing a mask. He has personally informed the Ba’al Koreh and those in the minyan.
He attended an outdoor minyan on Beit HaBihira Street on September 11th for Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv on September 12th.
The guidelines of the Ministry of Health for prayer inside a building stipulate that those who have been in the presence of a known patient at a distance of less than 2 meters for more than 15 minutes should enter into isolation.
For further clarification, please contact the Ministry of Health's hotline at *5400.
We wish Kobi and all the patients a complete and speedy recovery.
We will continue to update as needed,
The Public Information Team