Update for Tuesday, September 21st at 16:00

Update for Tuesday, September 21st at 16:00
Dear Residents,
The number of verified patients within Erat currently stands at 56. Almost no tests were performed during the holiday, so no new patients were added this morning. Results of tests performed after the holiday should start arriving tomorrow, and we are preparing.
14 new patients were discovered last night, and the Council's investigation teams worked until the early hours of the morning to understand the public implications of each new patient.
This morning, after more details became known, and after an investigation by the Ministry of Education, the guidance regarding the need for isolation for the classes and individuals who came in contact with Ayala Star (ח’2) and Emuna Cohen (ז’1) at Orot Etzion Girls school changed. All the parents of the students and the Ezra groups received an individual message.
Grade ז’3 and other girls from Orot Etzion Girls School have gone into isolation, in accordance with the message they received from the school.
After further examining the situation of infected students who rode the school bus, it appears that the isolation period for 5th-8th grades at Orot Etzion Boys School who rode the afternoon bus to Dekel A, Geffen, Te’ena, Rimon, and Tamar must extend their isolation until September 27th. Individual notices were sent to those concerned.
We remind you again that anyone who enters isolation because of exposure to a verified patient must complete the 14 days of isolation from the last date of exposure, even if he received a negative test result.
Also - family members of verified patients must enter isolation for 14 days from the date of their last exposure to the sick family member. If the patient is not isolated in a separate room - family members isolate for 14 days from the patient's official recovery date.
Please note: The guidelines of the Religious Council during the current closure allow 10 people to gather together for prayer indoors, and 20 people in an open space. Larger gatherings were permitted solely for Rosh Hashanah, but those rules no longer apply.
As we all witnessed on Shabbat and Rosh Hashanah morning, it is challenging and complicated to transmit necessary information on Shabbat and holidays. During Rosh Hashanah, the Council published an announcement about new patients and guidelines for who must enter into isolation. It would be very helpful if you could answer 2 short questions so that we can improve and streamline the messaging system: https://ctconnect.co.il/forms/form...
We will keep you updated,
The Public Information Team