"It's time to Intervene"

"It's time to Intervene"
 On November 25, 2022 we will commemorate the 
International Day for the Elimination of  Violence against Women.
 In a unique collaboration with the Center for Local Government,  local authorities in Israel, and the Michal Sela Forum, a life-saving campaign will be launched that will reach every home in Israel.

 "It's time to intervene" presents six warning signs that help distinguish and identify silent violence.

 Want to get involved?
 Ministry of Welfare - 118
 Say No to Violence - 6724*
 The Social Services Division Efrat -02-9939370
 Efrat Security Center - *5463

 For more information: https://www.gov.il/he/Departments/General/warning__signs
 Thanks to you we will save lives!