Update for11.1.2022

Dear Residents,
There are currently 486 corona patients in Efrat. 
Every day hundreds of official corona tests are performed (which are updated in the Ministry of Health data) and the percentage of positive tests stands at 13.8%.
We understand that there is a lack of clarity regarding the guidelines, and we will try to clarify things here. Full information about tests and guidelines is available on the Homefront Command and Ministry of Health websites.

A positive home antigen test is not sufficient - if you tested positive at home, an institutional antigen/ PCR test must be performed in order to validate the test!
Over the past week and a half we have run antigen testing centers within the schools in order to make it as easy as possible for parents and students. The move was only approved by the Ministry of Education last weekend, and the data systems are still not coordinated. Therefore these centers can not be used by the general population.
This is why we are unable to test a student in a school which they do not attend.
This is also why a parent who is isolating in order to care for a child in isolation cannot be tested in the school.
We are working with MDA to set up a permanent testing center in Efrat. Due to technical difficulties, we haven’t yet been successful. But we are continuing to work to bring testing centers to Efrat.
Why do we only publish the announcements about testing in the schools one day in advance? Operating these centers involves a complicated array of logistics, from organizing testers and securing equipment. Since there are constantly staff and volunteers going into isolation, we only publish the announcement when all the details have been finalized and we have received final approval to open the center.
We make every effort to open every gan despite the staff shortages that arise due to illness and isolation.
In order to maintain the routine of gan children who have a tav yarok and whose gan is in isolation, we may combine several gan classes.
Despite our best efforts, we may have to close ganim due to lack of staff. Please be understanding.
MDA volunteers, Corona officers, and Council employees are working around the clock to find creative solutions in this time of uncertainty. This is a wonderful opportunity to say a kind word to them!
Please note that there are many sick and isolated Council employees. Even during this trying time we believe in providing good service to our residents, and we have therefore taken a number of precautions:
Our offices have been reduced to 50% of employees with the rest working from home. In addition we conduct daily tests to detect the virus among our employees.
We are available to you through the app, on Facebook, on the Council's website, and of course through the municipal hotline 106 or the Moked *5436.

Please wear masks and maintain social distance,
We will keep you updated,
The Public Information Team