Update for Wednesday, January 5th at 17:00


Dear Residents,

At present there are 135 patients from 120 households. The positivity rate in Efrat is increasing significantly and now stands at 6 percent.
50% of patients are aged 0-18. Our traffic light score is 8.6, and we are considered red. 
200 residents are in isolation.
The traffic light score for the upcoming week will be determined today, and this will have implications for the school system.

Tomorrow from 8:30 - 10:30 schools will offer antigen testing for vaccinated or recovered students who have been exposed. Children must have parental approval to get tested. 

844 pcr tests were performed yesterday at the Home Front Command testing center in the Mateh Noar. The results from yesterday’s testing are coming in now, and we expect that the number of verified patients in Efrat will increase significantly.

Youth movements are operating in open spaces only.

You can make an appointment to be vaccinated by using the app for your Kuppat Cholim or by calling them. Residents who are over 60 or who are in a high-risk category are eligible for the 4th shot.

There are slots available at Maccabi
For Meuchedet - please call the clinic in Efrat in order to make an appointment.

We ask that you continue to wear masks. It has been proven that masks prevent the spread of disease!

We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team