Update for Sunday 2.1.22

Dear Residents,

As of tonight there are 55 verified patients in Efrat and many residents in isolation.

The testing centers all over the country are overloaded and we are trying to help as much as possible.

Today antigen testing stations were set up in the elementary schools and we are preparing to expand the operation, adding stations in high schools.

These tests are intended for those who are fully vaccinated/ recovered and who have been exposed to a verified patient and have not received a message for isolation from the Ministry of Health / Home Front Command.

At this stage we are not opening a testing station for gan children, and if the need arises, we will prepare accordingly.

Testing will take place between the hours of 08:30-10:30 in the schools.

Please note that the "green classroom" model is currently canceled for new classrooms until the appropriate regulations are in place.

MDA antigen test for recovered/ vaccinated people is free of charge, and tests can also be done by private examiners at various costs.

Home Front Command pcr testing complexes are listed at the link:


MDA antigen testing complexes