Efrat Goes Back to School - Update number 1, August 29th

Dear Parents,

Summer vacation is coming to an end, and school is starting! We know how excited you are!! Unfortunately we are once again starting the year with corona in our lives, and there are still many questions and much uncertainty about how the year will go. In the coming days we will try to make sense of what we know and of what is in our control so that the children and all of us will have a healthy routine.

As of today, Sunday, August 29th, there are 50 verified patients in Efrat and more than 400 people in isolation.


Rapid testing kits (antigen) will be distributed to parents of school students over the next few days. Gan children will be given the rapid test kits tomorrow, Monday, August 30, at 11:00 - 19:00, during the serological testing at the Geffen Matnas. Parents are asked to perform the test the evening before returning to school.

If the test is positive, you must schedule a PCR test with your kuppat cholim, and do not send your child to school!

Are you obligated to test your child? No, but in order to open the year as smoothly as possible we request that you test your child.

Serological Tests

On Monday, August 30, from 11:00 - 19:00, the serological testing center will open in Efrat at the Geffen Matnas in the Sports Hall. The test detects antibodies in the blood which reveal that the individual has had the disease in the past. One who tests positive for antibodies will receive a green pass. Serological testing is not mandatory.

Epidemiological Investigations

As we published several months ago, due to the Ministry of Health’s decision, there are currently no investigations taking place by local staff. This means that there are gaps in the level of information that we have about who needs to go into isolation. A parent whose child has been diagnosed is asked to notify the educational staff so that we can prevent further exposure and infection.


The purpose of the isolation period is to stop the infection from spreading.

Those in isolation must enter a private room and avoid contact with others, including the rest of those in the house.

The duration of isolation is shortened to 7 days after 2 PCR tests!

The first test should be performed as close to the beginning of the isolation period as possible, and a second test should be performed on the seventh day, provided there is at least 24 hours between the 2 tests and there were no symptoms throughout the isolation period.

After receiving the second negative result the individual can leave isolation.

Please note that in accordance with current guidelines, an adult who goes into isolation with a child must obey all the rules of isolation even if he is vaccinated / has a green pass.

For the full isolation guidelines, visit the Ministry of Health website:



This year, for the first time, a smart system will be introduced to the Efrat school bussing system. Students enrolled in the bus system will receive travel tickets at schools over the next few days. This year's tickets have a chip similar to the one on the public transport rav kav cards.

When boarding the bus, the child will swipe the card into the device that is installed next to the driver. (We expect to finish installations after the holidays.)

We hope that this system will reduce the incidences of isolation that comes from riding the school bus.

Please ask your children to wear a mask correctly throughout the trip.

* Teachers in Schools*

Fortunately, most of the educational staff in Efrat are vaccinated/have a green pass. There are only 9 staff members who do not have a green pass - 8 assistants and one gannenet. Additional information is subject to medical confidentiality and therefore we cannot share more, but we emphasize that according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, unvaccinated staff will have to perform regular tests once a week or as directed by the Ministry of Education.


This year, 20 tzahronim will operate throughout Efrat, attended by approximately 500 boys and girls. 75% of all daycare staff are vaccinated/recovered, and the rest will perform regular tests as directed by the Ministry of Education.

"The Traffic Light"

Once a week, the color of the traffic light is determined by the authorities, and the school system must comply with the guidelines of that color. The color is determined by the level of morbidity and the percentage of positive tests.

Efrat is currently orange until September 4th.

The school administrators now have the authority to take action that will reduce contact while maintaining the academic, emotional, and social aspects of school.

The national program for opening the school year appears at this link:


Questions and Answers from The Ministry of Education appear in this link:


Youth Groups and Chugim

We are currently considered an orange town according to the Ministry of Health’s traffic light, and therefore all youth activities and chugim must meet outdoors.

Chugim are expected to start on September 1st, and an announcement about this will circulate tomorrow

We will keep you updated,

The Public Information Team