Update for Thursday, August 19 at 16:00

 Dear Residents,

There are currently 56 Efrat residents who have the coronavirus.
20 of them have been diagnosed in the last 36 hours.
The vast majority of patients over the age of 12 are vaccinated.
Efrat's traffic light score stands at 7.3, on the border between orange and red.

 We are in direct contact with the Ministry of Education and the Home Front Command, and we are preparing for the opening of the school year, which will include several types of tests.
We will send a separate announcement with the types of tests, locations and dates for Efrat residents.

 We again ask at this time to refrain from entering the Council building.
A variety of digital services are available to you by phone, app, email, and the Council website.

 If there is still a need to come to the building, please note that the entrance to the Council building will be through the accessible entrance only and not from the lower entrance.
 A guard is sitting at this entrance and will ask to see your green pass.
 Residents who do not have a green pass must make telephone arrangements to coordinate a visit.
 Make sure you wear your mask properly throughout your stay.

 We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team