Updated for Sunday 15.8.2021

Dear Residents,

As of this morning, there are 32 patients, divided amongst 24 households.

30 of them are below the age of 60, and 2 are over age 60.

They are divided into the following neighborhoods:
Zayit - 13, Tamar - 9, Dekel - 3, Rimon - 1 Dagan - 4
Remember that the Council is no longer conducting epidemiological investigations, and therefore the information available to us is different from the past.

Due to the increase in morbidity and in accordance with government guidelines, we recommend that you avoid coming into the Council building. A variety of digital options are available to you for service: phone, app, email, and the Council website.

If you still need to come, please note that the entrance to the Council building will be through the accessible entrance only and not from the lower entrance.
A guard is stationed at this entrance. You must show him your green pass to prove that you are vaccinated or recovered, or present the results of a negative test performed in the past 24 hours.
Residents who do not have a green pass should call the Council to make arrangements. Please wear your mask correctly for the entire time you are in the building. 

We will keep you updated as needed,
The Public Information Team