Update for Friday March 5th at 16:30

Dear Residents,

At present there are 34 verified patients in Efrat. Of these, 25 are under the age of 18.

2 ganim, 1 maon classroom and around 10 classes are in isolation.

All patients have been investigated and private contacts and educational institutions have been updated.

Since this morning, 8 students and children have been diagnosed, some of whom had sent their classes into preventive isolation when their family members tested positive over the past few days. We are seeing the important role that preventive isolation plays in stopping the chain of infection.

Some of the diagnosed children traveled by school bus. After discussing the matter with the Ministry of Education, in the last few hours, hundreds of children from the Zayit and dozens of children from Dagan have gone into isolation.

As we all know - riding the bus presents a high possibility for infection. The issue of capsules and the fixed buses and bus stops has been examined several times, but unfortunately it is impossible due to the number of buses, and the length and variety of routes.

We know that there are parents who have consulted with the Ministry of Health regarding the need for isolation due to bussing. Unfortunately - sometimes people get different answers because of the gap between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. We discussed this with the Ministry of Education, and we are following their guidance.

We recommend that parents try and avoid using school transportation as much as possible, thus reducing the level of exposure.

In the last two days, hundreds of children from various educational settings have been asked to get tested. Many of the results have not yet been received. The Council’s investigative team and the corona staff are working around the clock and will continue to work and update through all channels even during Shabbat.

We ask everyone who has been tested and has not yet received a result to please be available by cell phone or landline during Shabbat.

We ask parents to please pay attention to their children's symptoms.

Children who are not feeling well should stay home, get tested, and wait for a negative result before returning to school.

For children who are currently in isolation, we would like to emphasize the importance of getting tested right away so that we can try and stop the infection from spreading.

Residents of Efrat -

We understand that the corona is still here - for real!!

In the last week we have unfortunately witnessed a number of cases of illness in residents who are a week or more after the second vaccination. It is important to understand that while the vaccine prevents severe symptoms, vaccinated individuals may still be infected and may infect unvaccinated children and adults.

We must all continue to adhere to the rules: social distance, avoid gatherings, wear masks, and maintain hygiene.

Purim and the return of children to school are beginning to affect the number of people who are sick.

Let’s work together so that we can beat the virus!

We'll continue to update,

Shabbat Shalom,

The Public Information Team