Daily Update for Friday 5.3

Dear Parents,

After a long period of closure due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the entire education system will return to operation on Sunday!

Since the virus is still present, the schools will not be returning to completely normal activity.

Below are a number of helpful questions and answers:

What is preventative isolation?

When a student has been exposed to a verified patient and has started to develop symptoms but has not yet received a test result, or in cases where there is a family with a verified patient and the rest of the household has started to develop symptoms but they have not yet received their tests results, the student’s class will go into preventative isolation.

The purpose of preventative isolation is to break the chain of infection and prevent further isolations. The rules of preventive isolation are the same as regular isolation, but if the student who was exposed receives a negative test result, the rest of the class can end their isolation without getting tested. If the test is positive, the class should continue with the normal course of isolation that requires 2 tests to shorten the isolation period.

How is isolation carried out when parents have been vaccinated?

If the parents received their second shot more than 1 week ago, they do not need to go into isolation. If the isolated individual is not isolated from unvaccinated members of the household, the full isolation rules apply to the occupants of the house who are not vaccinated.

What percentage of the teaching staff in Efrat is vaccinated?

At this time we do not have accurate information. An employer is prohibited from asking the employee if they have been vaccinated, and employers cannot force employees to to get vaccinated. The Council encourages its employees to get vaccinated, and we expect employees of the education system to set a personal and social example.

How many people in Efrat have been vaccinated?

The Ministry of Health is using population data from 2019/2020. It receives vaccination data from the kuppot cholim based on data from 2021. This discrepancy does not allow us to obtain exact numbers of how many eligible residents have been vaccinated. But according to what we know from the kuppot cholim, the number of vaccinated individuals in Efrat is high.

When will the ganim have school on Fridays?

The decision to gradually return the ganim to full activity stemmed from the desire to protect the staff and the students. Reducing the movement of staff members between ganim has helped to prevent the spread of the virus and the need to go into isolation. We are pleased to announce that starting next week, the ganim will be back in full operation. We remind you that sick children should not attend school.

In what format are grades 7-10 returning to school?

All schools are preparing for the return of students according to the guidelines and the manpower available to them. Schools will be sending out schedules to the parents.

How is the school bus system operating these days? The school transportation system is operating as usual. Care must be taken to wear a mask throughout the entire trip.

Tzaharonim will operate in a regular format.

We wish everyone a healthy return to school. The staff of the Department of Education is open to hearing ideas and suggestions on how to enable a responsible and healthy return to routine.