Daily Update for 3/3 at 18:00

Dear Residents,

There are currently 27 verified patients in Efrat. 19 of these patients are children and youth aged 0-19.

We are seeing the effects of going back to school. To date there are 5 classrooms and 3 ganim in isolation.

Additionally there are 3 elementary school classrooms and one maon class that are in preventive isolation.

Preventive isolation occurs when a child whose family member has been diagnosed has started to develop symptoms but has not yet received his test results. Entering preventive isolation until the results are received helps to interrupt the chain of infection.

Preventive isolation is an effective tool. This week, several individuals who were in preventative isolation received positive test results. Had they not been in preventative isolation they would have sent the entire school into isolation.

Please note that parents who have been vaccinated are exempt from the isolation guidelines following contact with a verified patient. This means that a parent who received their second shot at least one week ago may go to work, but all patients and unvaccinated household members are subject to all guidelines and restrictions!

Starting next week, the Education Department will be operating ganim 6 days a week. The decision to gradually return to full activity stemmed from the desire to protect the students and staff. Reducing the passage of staff members between ganim prevented the spread of the virus and prevented staff and students from having to go into isolation.

The Education Department is preparing for the return of 7th through 10th graders starting this coming Sunday. Individual schools will send updated schedules for each class.

The gradual increase in the number of diagnosed children and students is a reminder that corona is still here. Efrat has been blessed with a large number of children and teenagers who cannot be vaccinated at this stage. This presents a challenging reality for all of us. While many Efrat residents have been vaccinated, the number of unvaccinated children requires us to continue to be carefull, avoid large social gatherings, and try to establish a permanent circle of friends that children spend time with in order to reduce their social contacts.

We will continue to update,

The Public Information Team