Update for Monday, February 15th at 18:00

Dear Residents,

There are currently 63 verified patients in Efrat.
Efrat is orange, and our traffic light score is now 6.6
96% of residents over 50 have been vaccinated.

The government has decided that orange cities whose traffic light score is 6.5 and under, and whose percentage of vaccinated people aged 50+ exceeds 70%, will be able to open ganim and schools for grades 1-4.

While it appears that we are not far away from this goal, today we unfortunately added 8 new patients. This includes 3 new families, in which the patients are young people aged 18-22.
All three work/study outside Efrat. 2 do not know where they were infected.

The cabinet is expected to meet on Wednesday, and we hope they will give us permission to reopen the education system.

We continue to trace the origin of infection in the new patients. In the previous update, we explained that a large number of new patients are soldiers or students in mechinot, yeshivas and midrashot. This trend continues.

These young people were infected outside Efrat (like adults who are infected in workplaces outside Efrat) but they returned home to Efrat to their parents and families.

The Council is preparing for the extreme weather expected later this week. We will publish an update about that later.

We will keep you updated,

The Public Information Team