Update for Sunday, February 7th at 17:30


Dear Residents,

There are currently 86 verified patients in Efrat.

9 new patients were diagnosed over Shabbat from 4 new families.

They join the 22 patients who were diagnosed on Thursday, and the 3 from Friday.

The infections in new families mostly originated outside of Efrat - in workplaces, the army, and post-secondary educational frameworks.

We are once again an orange city due to the growing number of patients and the limited amount of testing that is being done.

The government is scheduled to convene today at 17:00 to determine the opening of schools. It seems that the traffic light color will be a determining factor in whether or not schools are permitted to open.

We will update you again once the guidelines and decisions have been made.

The national vaccine campaign is still in process. We ask all residents who have not yet been vaccinated to please make an appointment so that we can all safely get back to our routines.

The Public Information Team