Update for Friday. January 22nd at 15:00.

Dear Residents,

There are currently 118 confirmed patients in Efrat.

As of this morning, the Council's inquiry team is investigating 12 new patients, 6 of them from new families. The morbidity is also high in the communities of Gush Etzion. The number of verified patients there is approximately 340.

The Council's investigation team will continue to work during Shabbat. Anyone who has gotten tested and has not yet received results should please make sure to be available via cell phone and landline. If you test results come back positive during Shabbat and you do not answer the phone, an investigator from the team will have to physically come to your home to inform you.

Today, Council employees and volunteers continued to distribute kits to residents' homes.

When distribution is complete, a link will be published where residents who did not receive a kit can let us know, so that we can remedy the situation.

We wish you all a safe and peaceful Shabbat,

The Public Information Team