Daily Update for Wednesday, January 20th 15:00

Dear Residents,

There are currently 132 verified patients in Efrat.

Even today we are seeing patients who have not been infected from within their family, but from other sources. We are monitoring the various causes of infection and we can trace those who were infected in the army, in yeshiva, and in workplaces outside of Efrat.

We are seeing instances of entire families contracting the virus because of the high rate of infection of the mutation that has spread in Israel. We understand that some families have made a conscious decision to avoid an extended family isolation by proactively infecting the family members who are not sick (since isolation for those caring for patients extends for weeks after the patient has recovered).

Alongside the high rate of infection, we are noticing a significant decrease in the number of tests. We want to emphasize how important it is to get tested, despite the bad weather and even though lockdown has been extended for at least another 10 days. Getting tested helps us to understand the state of disease in Efrat. The tests give all of us a sense of what is happening, and they constitute our responsibility to our family and community. You can get tested at all the kuppot cholim in Efrat and at the Home Front Command testing centers which are published on the Council's website. The response time has gotten significantly shorter!

We understand how difficult the repeated isolations are, but the increasing evidence of the negative effects of the virus, even in young people, is concerning .

The vaccination campaign continues at an impressive pace, and at the same time, people are becoming complacent, thinking that everything will be ok. In practice, you can still get infected even after receiving your first dose of the vaccine.

The demand on our hospitals is considerable, and so now more than ever, we must do everything we can to not get infected or spread infection. We all need to wear masks, practice good hygiene, and maintain social distance! Don’t go more than 1,000 meters from your home, and do not go into the homes of others. Get tested and be vigilant!

Our survey from 2 weeks ago revealed that "relief kits'' helped residents during the previous lockdowns. The Council mobilized to prepare new kits for this lockdown. Distribution is now at its peak, and dozens of volunteers and Council employees are going house to house to deliver the kits. We hope to reach each and every home in the next few days. We are making efforts not to miss any resident. On Friday, we will share an email address where residents can contact us if they did not receive a kit.

We are experiencing stormy weather. The forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning is very cold. We recommend that you avoid driving as much as possible, and that you pay extra attention to drive slowly and carefully if you must go somewhere. We recommend that you leave a tap dripping very lightly at night to prevent the pipes from freezing.

On the Council and Matnas websites you will find a variety of activities for all ages for next week, the daily snapshot of Corona in Efrat, and details about testing centers.

We'll continue to update,

The Public Information Team