Update for Sunday, January 17th at 17:00


Dear Residents,

There are currently 129 verified patients in Efrat.

Over Shabbat we learned of 8 new residents who had been diagnosed, and an additional 5 were reported this morning.

Efrat has returned to being a red city. While in the last two days we have noticed a reduction in the number of new patients compared to what we’ve seen in the last two weeks, the overall number of patients is still not declining, but the number of people in isolation has dropped significantly.

In the past week, more than 100 new patients were investigated by the Council's team. The percentage of children who have been diagnosed has increased, and now over 50% of local patients are under 18.

Most of the infections we are seeing have been transferred between nuclear family members, where the source of the infection is usually a child who was infected in one of the early childhood settings in Efrat.

However, even at this stage, new families are being infected.

Our investigations have revealed that when the primary source of infection is not from a family member, the origin of infection is (in descending order):

a gan in Efrat,

a workplace outside Efrat,

contagion from an unknown source,

a high schools outside Efrat

and soldiers.

Everyday on our website we publish a "daily snapshot" of the situation in Efrat, as well as a list of testing centers.

In addition to giving out the second dose of the vaccine, the Kuppot Cholim are also vaccinating those who are 45 and up. Please speak to your kuppah for more details.

On Wednesday the government is scheduled to decide whether or not they will extend the lockdown. We are following their decision closely, and we will update you accordingly.

Local activities for the coming week can be found on the Matnas website at:


We'll keep you updated,

The Public Information Team