Update for Tuesday, January 12th at 17:00


Dear Residents,

At present, there are 114 verified patients in Efrat, divided among 67 families. Of the 114, 41 are children (ages 0-18). This week we have reached the number of 100 patients ho have been investigated by the Council's team and assisted by the various Council departments. The daily snapshot is published on the Council's website and on Facebook every day.

As can also be seen in the national data, Efrat is currently experiencing a serious illness that originated in the days and weeks leading up to the lockdown. At the local level, and despite the high number of children who have been diagnosed, we are witnessing a significant decrease in the rates of isolation stemming from schools since the education system in Efrat was closed a week ago. We are also witnessing a decrease in the transmission of infection between non-nuclear families, thanks to the fact that people are largely adhering to the lockdown guidelines and avoiding gatherings.

Yesterday, educational frameworks were opened in Efrat for the children of essential workers as defined and approved by the Ministries of Education and Health. Special education frameworks continue to operate, although in some cases student attendance is limited.

Corona Testing: Tomorrow, the Home Front Command's drive-in center will operate in the Machar parking lot from 9:00-16:00.

The entrance is from the security road that begins in the Zayit (in front of the Orot Etzion Girls' School). There is no need for an appointment or a referral. You must bring your teudat zehut. Minors will only be tested in the presence of an adult.

Vaccines: The Kuppot Cholim have begun giving the second dose of the vaccine to everyone who has received the first dose. Invitations have been sent to all who are eligible. The Kuppot are also starting to vaccinate teaching staff and special education staff. The Kuppot and the Ministry of Education will publish the procedures for teachers. Please follow the announcements.

Tomorrow morning, the recycling containers in Efrat will be emptied beginning at 5:00. We are beginning at that hour so that the recycling trucks can avoid the traffic that is created by the police checkpoints on the main roads.

We are asking everyone to please send us good news for the ‘Good News Flash’ that is published every evening. Send us a picture with a short explanation - and we will take it from there - mokeds@efrat.muni.il

Remember that the Matnas website has a variety of events for the days of lockdown:


On the Council website, you can find a list of local business owners who deliver.

Together we will persevere and beat the virus!

We'll continue to update,

The Public Information Team