Daily Update for Friday January 8th at 13:30


Dear Residents,

The number of patients in Efrat stands at 102, with 7 new patients today. The number of children with the virus continues to climb - there are now 51 children who have been diagnosed.

The daily picture of the data is available on the Council website.

We have received many questions regarding babysitters during the lockdown.

We understand the importance of childcare, and we also want to adhere to the guidelines of the lockdown. Preparations are now being made for the opening of a childcare system for children of employees who teach in the special education system that continues to operate on Sundays-Thursdays from 07:30 -13:30.

Childcare will also be available for children of workers in the health system who are registered in the Ministry of Health database. The childcare is intended for parents who are both defined as essential, at least one of whom belongs to the health system.

Please register at the following link:


We would like to emphasize that the criteria is set by the Ministry of Health, and only those who are approved will receive childcare.

We are doing everything we can to provide childcare starting early next week, and we will update you as the situation develops.

At this stage we have not yet received permission from government ministries to open childcare services to the children of other essential workers. We have received inquiries from residents, but the number of families who will be entitled to such a service will be so large that we will essentially have to reopen the ganim. This would be contrary to the point of the lockdown, and would increase the spread of the virus among children. If there are any changes we will be sure to let you know.

Synagogues - Due to the high rate of illness in Efrat, Rabbi Riskin has ruled that synagogues must remain closed and minyanim should only be held in open areas with up to 10 people.

Palestinian workers - all workers are permitted to enter, contrary to what we announced last night.

Shabbat Shalom,

The Public Information Team