Update for Thursday January 7th at 18:30


Dear Residents,

There are now 121 verified patients in Efrat. Today the investigative team researched 19 new patients, most of whom are children aged 0-18. The implications for the educational institutions have been publicized, and a number of ganim and school classes have entered into or extended their isolation. Private contents have been notified.

You can find a "daily picture" of the corona data in Efrat on the Council's website.

Starting at midnight, the stricter lockdown will take effect. In accordance with the guidelines, all businesses and stores will be closed, except for essential businesses and food chains.

Going more than a distance of 1,000 meters from your home, and going into another person’s home are prohibited. Indoor gatherings are limited to 5 people, and outdoor gatherings are limited to 10 people, including synagogues.

All education frameworks will move to distance learning except for special education frameworks which will operate until 13:30. Youth group activities will take place virtually.

Activities for seniors and at-risk youth will be maintained in accordance with the guidelines. Details will be sent to participants.

Grocery stores in Efrat will make deliveries during lockdown. Details will be posted on the Council's website.

The kuppot cholim and the Home Front Command will continue to operate testing centers. Please note - starting tomorrow, you must have a referral from a doctor to get tested in the kuppah, and you must make an appointment. You can make an appointment by calling the kuppah.

The Home Front Command testing centers do not require a referral or an appointment. You must bring your teudat zehut. Minors will only be able to get tested in the presence of an adult.

Attached is a list of testing centers for the upcoming days.

Entry of workers: As part of the lockdown guidelines, workers will not be allowed to enter Efrat except for construction workers. To contact the workers’ gate, please call: 052-2321113.

Although we are entering lockdown for the third time, we are hopeful that will be the last.

Keep following the guidelines, avoid crowds, and let’s stop the chain of infection.

Together we can beat the virus.

We'll keep you updated,

The Public Information Team