Update for Wednesday January 6th at 16:30


Dear Residents,

Currently there are 111 verified patients in Efrat. Since this morning, the investigative team has been dealing with 8 new patients.

We are monitoring the data regarding the number of cases in Efrat schools. Now there are 29 children aged 0-9 with the virus, and 19 children aged 10-19.

In addition there are 14 staff members who have the virus and another 88 educational staff members who are in isolation.

Due to the level of morbidity and isolation, the education system in Efrat will remain closed today and tomorrow, except for the special education frameworks that will operate as usual.

Starting tomorrow at midnight, the general lockdown will take effect. According to the guidelines, we now know that all businesses and shops will close, except for essential businesses and food chains.

It is prohibited to travel more than 1000 meters from your home, or to enter someone else's home.

Indoor gatherings are limited to 5 people, and outdoor gatherings are limited to 10 people.

All education frameworks will move to distance learning, except for special education that will operate as usual.

Youth group activities will take place virtually.

Activities for the elderly and for at-risk youth will operate in accordance with the guidelines. Details will be sent to participants.

Private daycares will not open due to the prohibition of being in someone else’s home and the guidelines against gatherings.

We have received a number of requests to run a program for the children of essential workers. We are exploring the possibility and will update accordingly.

As we enter the third lockdown - which we hope and pray will be the last - we seek to continue the positive initiatives and the communal commitment that our city has demonstrated throughout the Corona period.

On the Matnas website there are a variety of activity options that will be offered during lockdown.

In addition - Operation "Adopt a Family" in which the Neighborhood Teams will help match families in isolation with families who can offer support and assistance. You can register via the link: https://www.ctconnect.co.il/forms/form...

This is another opportunity to thank our wonderful Neighborhood Teams who work day and night to try and help the residents of Efrat deal with the isolations and the lockdown.

Together we will succeed!

We'll continue to update,

The Public Information Team