Update for Wednesday, December 30 at 17:30


Dear Residents,

There are currently 97 verified patients divided among 52 families. We learned of 10 new patients this morning.

After receiving information about positive test results from staff members in ganim in Dagan and in Maon Emunah, and a student in the Chativa Tzeira, additional staff members, children, and students have gone into isolation.

In some educational institutions, there are simply not enough staff members who can come to work, and so some classrooms will transition to distance learning. Maon Srigim in Zayit is now closed.

Please remember that the rules of isolation dictate that the individual in isolation must be in a separate room from the rest of the family for the entire isolation period. If it is a small child or someone who can not stay alone, the caregiver who goes into isolation with the individual must complete all isolation procedures.

Fortunately, residents of Efrat are responding to the call to come and get vaccinated! As of this morning, 293 of those eligible over the age of 60 have been vaccinated in Efrat! That is 25% of all those who are eligible at this time.

Efrat is leading cities in vaccination rates!

This is a great opportunity to thank local medical staff and Kuppot Cholim who are going out of their way so that as many eligible residents as possible can get vaccinated quickly and efficiently.

The Home Front Command's testing center in the Machar parking lot is open today until 19:00.

This is a drive-in center only, and is intended both for those in isolation and those who are not.

You must bring your teudat zehut. Minors can only be tested in the presence of an adult.

If you have not yet filled out our questionnaire, please take a few minutes to do it now:


We will keep you updated,

The Public Information Team