Update for Thursday, December 24th at 19:00


Dear Residents,

There are now 68 verified patients in Efrat, 13 of whom were diagnosed this morning.

In the education system, 9 staff members and 11 students tested positive.

13 classes are in isolation, this includes 352 students and 58 staff members.

Unfortunately we have now reached the largest number of local patients since the outbreak began, and Efrat is a red city. The patients include adults and young children, and the virus appears to be everywhere. The situation must be stopped.

Lately the Ministry of Health website has been experiencing many problems. Because they are so overloaded, the data we receive from them is 24-48 hours late. This means that our investigative team cannot immediately question patients and notify their contacts, and the chain of infection continues. Therefore, we ask anyone who receives a positive or borderline positive answer to immediately notify the Moked at *5436. A Council investigator, trained by the Ministry of Health, will contact you while maintaining confidentiality and complete discretion.

The Kuppot Cholim are preparing to set up vaccine centers in Efrat. Clalit will begin vaccinating this coming Monday. You can make an appointment through the kuppah.

Meuchedet and Maccabi are currently vaccinating in Jerusalem. We will update you when we know the exact date when they will begin vaccinating in Efrat.

Residents who are having trouble getting to Jerusalem for a vaccine can call the "Connected to Life" center of the Ezer Mitzion Association at: 073-2477777 between the hours of 7:00 am and 2:00 am.

The Corona Cabinet has approved a partial closure on the State of Israel beginning Sunday at 17:00. School on Sunday will operate as usual. Starting Monday, December 28th, classes will operate as usual in maonot, ganim, and grades 1-4.

High schools will update students individually. The rest of the grades will learn via Zoom.

Bussing and Tzaharon - decisions have not yet been made, and we will update when we have more information.

During the closure it is forbidden to leave the house for a distance of more than 1,000 meters, except for transporting children to school until 14:00, and for individual sports activities.

Please follow the updates at the beginning of next week when we will publish the dates of the Home Front Command's testing center.

Follow the guidelines - even before the closure begins, please try to avoid unnecessary gatherings as much as possible, wear masks, keep social distance, and practice good hygiene.

We wish all patients a complete recovery, and we wish patience for those in isolation.

We will keep you updated,

The Public Information Team