"Drive-in" Efrat 24/12/0

Important message!

Dear Residents,

At this time, the Home Front Command's corona testing center is operating at the Mateh Noar until 19:00. This is not a drive in, so please come on foot. This testing center is not intended for those in isolation.

Please note: Due to the large number of people in isolation in Efrat, we were also able to open a "Drive-in" complex that will operate today in the Machar parking lot from 19:00- 21:00.

The tests at the drive in center are exclusively for people in isolation! Please arrive in your car by way of the security road near Orot Etzion Banot. Entry will not be allowed from David Hamelech!

Please avoid gathering near the Machar parking lot so as to keep traffic flowing and to allow vehicles to leave the drive in.

You must bring your teudat zehut.