Daily Update for Tuesday December 22nd at 16:00


Dear Residents.

Unfortunately the number of patients in Efrat rose dramatically overnight, and we now stand at 45 verified patients. The color of our traffic light is orange, and as our numbers rise we are approaching red.

Throughout the day, the Council's investigative team has been working quickly and efficiently to trace all the contacts and determine the implications for the various educational institutions and public spaces.

The main consequence of the rise in our numbers falls on the school system. Under the guidance of the Ministries of Education and Health, students, staff, assistants and caregivers in these institutions went into isolation today:

Mamad in Tamar - 3 classes in isolation

Alumim - 6 staff members in isolation

Aseh Chayil - 4 classes in isolation

Chativa Tzeira - 2 classes in isolation

And the Bogrim class in Maon Emunah Srigim in Zayit, and all of Maon Emunah in Dekel.

A total of 292 students and 50 staff members have gone into isolation.

In collaboration with the schools, notices were sent to the parents and students that included instructions and specific dates of the isolation period.

We thank the patients who agreed to publish their names, and we wish them and all patients a complete recovery:

Samson Davis from Dekel

Leah Zarbiv from Zayit

Yehuda Eisenberg from Dekel

Ayelet Hashachar Eisenberg from Dekel

Talia Eisenberg from Dekel

Bat Ami Eisenberg from Dekel

Ariella Eisenberg from Dekel

The sharp rise in the number of patients is worrying, and we understand that we are now very close to having to close our schools and health institutions. The isolations have disrupted the lives of so many families in Efrat, including toddlers and young children. Today many parents had to drop everything to pick up their children and go into joint isolation with them.

Especially now, as the vaccination campaign has begun, we urge everyone to follow the rules, and avoid gatherings and events!

We will keep you updated,

The Public Information Team