Update for Saturday Night, December 19th at 22:00


Dear Residents,

There are currently 22 patients in Efrat.

During Shabbat we learned of 3 new verified patients who have now been investigated, some of whom had public contacts.

Private contacts have been updated - some were notified during Shabbat by council and security department representatives who visited homes of people who needed to go into isolation. This will hopefully prevent further spread of infection. Please note that all investigations are conducted in collaboration with and under the guidance of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

We are grateful to HaMorah Chedva Hook who allowed us to publish her name, and we wish her and all patients a complete recovery.

Hedva teaches at the Mamad school in the Tamar neighborhood, and she also taught at the Chanukah Kaytana. Therefore, 30 students from the Mamad School, participants in the Chanukah Kaytana, and 12 staff members have gone into isolation.

In addition, Tzaharon א2 at the Mamad in Tamar will be closed until further notice.

Hedva was also at Maon Emuna - Srigim in the Zayit following a medical incident, so 29 children and the staff of the Bogrim group went into isolation until December 31st.

Please remember that when an adult goes into isolation with a child, all the isolation restrictions apply to the adult!

Here is a link from the Social Services Department with information for parents whose children are entering isolation: https://en.calameo.com/read/004914375c8a4897aad05

The Youth Club of the Social Services Division under the guidance of Doral and Tehila:

One of the boys in the youth club tested positive. Everyone who participated in the activities at the club for 11th and 12th grade on Tuesday, December 15, has gone into isolation until December 28th.

We continue to encourage everyone to get tested!

At this time, we do not know when this week the Home Front Command testing center will be in Efrat.

Tomorrow, Sunday, there is testing at Givah Tzehuba in Alon Shvut from 14:00 and 19:00. There is no need for a referral or an appointment. You must bring your teudat zehut.

Remember that the isolation period can be shortened to 10 days if individuals receive 2 negative tests - for more information: https: //did.li/aNnCN

We'll continue to update,

The Public Information Team