Update Erev Shabbat Gimmel Tevet 18.12.20 ,16:00

Dear Residents,


An hour ago we were informed,that a teacher at the בית ספר הממ"ד in the Tamar,that taught during the week of Chanuka ,and who is also a resident of Efrat, has been experiencing symptoms that are connected to the Coronavirus.

The teacher went today for a corona test ,and we expect to receive the results on שבת-if there is no delays.

Due to the severity of the symptoms, the health minister office ,has informed us that all staff and students of grade 1א as well as staff members that were in the teachers lounge , must go into preventive isolation ,untill we receive the results.

All members of staff,and students have been personally informed.

We will keep you posted on any further developments.

Shabbat shalom and may we hear only good news.