Update for Wednesday December 16th at 12:00

Dear Residents, 
as of now there are 10 patients in Efrat. On the national level, more than 2,800 cases were reported yesterday. 

This morning we learned of a worker in the agricultural farm in Efrat - who is not a resident of Efrat, who tested positive. After investigating, the Ministry of Education decided that a number of staff members on the farm must isolate. 
There is no need for students or anyone who visited the farm yesterday to isolate  because the activity was in an open area and the guidelines were followed. Tomorrow's activity on the farm has been cancelled. 
We recommend that anyone who visited the farm during the past week should get tested. Testing is available at the kuppot cholim or at the Home Front Command center that will operate today at the Mateh Noar from 14:00- 19:00.

This morning we also learned of a local  bus driver who is not a resident of Efrat who tested positive. The driver has been investigated with no public contacts. Children who may have been exposed have been notified. 
We wish a complete recovery to all patients. We will continue to monitor the decisions of the corona cabinet, and  we will continue to update, 
The Public Information Team