Patient Update for Tuesday, December 15th at 15:00


Dear Residents,

As of now there are 9 patients in Efrat. All patients have been investigated and private contacts have been notified. We are grateful to the patients who are willing to publish their names, and we wish all patients a full recovery.

Ephraim Eitan Shreiber, of the Dagan

Yoel and Zahava Baruch of the Zayit

Residents who go into isolation should update the ministry of health at

Isolation can be shortened to 10 days if the individual receives 2 negative tests in a span of at least 24 hours.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 17th, there will be testing at the Mateh Noar from 14:00 -19:00 - no referral or appointment necessary. If you have no symptoms you do not have to go into isolation unless you test positive. Please remember to bring your teudat zehut. A minor can get tested if accompanied by a parent or with written consent.

The testing center is not meant for individuals who are in isolation due to exposure to a patient or returning from abroad.

We will continue to update

The Public Information Team