Update for Monday, December 14th at 15:30


Dear Residents,

As of now there are 7 verified patients in Efrat. We recently learned of 4 residents from one famil who tested positive. Private contacts have been notified. Public contacts are as follows:

Aviva Stern's capsule and those in Minahelet Sarah Cooper's bikeyut class in Orot Etzion Banot 8th grade, must enter isolation until December 23rd ( to potentially shorten the isolation period, called the health ministry at *5400).

The pink capsule from Neve Chana's י'3 that were in school last Sunday and Tuesday, December 6th and 8th, and Yael Plus's 10th grade math class.

Students from Neve Chana and Rosh Tzurim who took the bus from the Zayit at 7:20 which drive through Mattityahu Hacohen, Kikar HaDekalim, Pitum Haketoret, Zeit Shemen, and the dekel to Givah Tzehuba, and/or traveled back on the bus with students from Neve Chana and Oriya to the Zayit on Sunday or Tuesday, December 6th and 8th.

(We are aware that there are several buses in the afternoon from Giva Tzehuba to Efrat. The patient does not remember which bus she took. Anyone who thinks she may have been exposed is recommended to consult the Ministry of Health at *5400)

A meeting of the Atid Batuach on Sunday, December 6th from 20:00 - 21:15 at the Mateh Noar. After the investigation by the Ministry of Health, all participants of the meeting were sent into isolation, since there is no information about the meeting and it seems that the guidelines were not fully maintained.

The time of isolation: Starting from Tuesday, 15 December 20, at 8:00 am, isolation lasts for 10 days provided the individual gets 2 negative tests. The first test at the beginning of isolation and the second on the 9th day from the exposure. It is important to note that the minimum time between the first test and the second test must be at least 24 hours. You can get tested at the kuppot cholim with an appointment and without a referral. You can also get tested at the Home Front Command Center.

We will continue to update,

Happy Chanukah,

The Public Information Team