Patient Update for Thursday December 3rd, at 16:00


Dear Residents,

The number of patients in Efrat continues to rise - we currently stand at 15 patients.

All patients have been questioned, and individual contacts have been notified.

We thank the patients who have allowed us to publish their names, and we wish all patients a complete recovery.

Menucha Wolf - from Rimon. Anyone who has been in contact with her since November 25th should go into isolation.

Avraham Wolf - Anyone who has been in contact with him since November 25th should go into isolation.

After a comprehensive epidemiological investigation by the Ministry of Health, capsules 1 + 2 of Shevet Maapilim (7th grade) in Bnei Akiva of the Zayit should go into isolation until December 12th.

Isolation is required when one has been exposed to a verified patient and:

* the individual was not wearing a mask

* they were within a distance of less than 2 meters

* they were together for more than 15 minutes

* they traveled together

* they live together

* they ate together

* they had physical contact

If you go into isolation, please report to the Ministry of Health at this link:

Your period of isolation can be shortened to 12 days if you get tested twice, once at the beginning of your isolation and once on the 10th day from exposure. If both tests are negative, you will receive a notification from the Ministry of Health confirming the shortening of your isolation.

Following the rules of isolation, proactive testing, and adhering to the guidelines stops the chain of infection and reduces the exposure of our residents!

Staying Green is important for Efrat as it allows schools to continue for 5th-12th grades. Cities that are designated as orange or red will not be able to open schools for at least another week!

Staying Green limits our restrictions and allows us to stick with our routines.

This is in our hands!

We will continue to update,

The Public Information Team