Update for Thursday 13.3.2020

Dear residents,
In the days of uncertainty and uncorroborated information surrounding the spread of the corona virus, we pledge to maintain continuous contact with residents. Once a day, and in accordance with developments, all information from the government ministries and council departments will be published on the Council's information channels: Facebook, the Council website and the Efrat Council app. We ask you, residents of Efrat, to take an active part in creating a credible discourse and to avoid spreading rumors and conveying unverified messages.

As of Thursday, March 3rd at 1pm, we know that Efrat has no cases of the virus, but there are residents who are in isolation according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Resilience teams are active in the neighborhoods. Residents who are in solitary confinement or in need of assistance are invited to contact the Team heads:
Dagan - Dana Spiegel 052-5350254
Dekel - Moti Avner 050-5231296 motiav59@gmail.com
Tamar - Esti Margaliot 050-5205797
Geffen - Aaron Hyman 054-5695614 aaron.hyman@gmail.com
Rimon/Te'ena - Miriam Wangruber 052-7203459
Zayit- Ro'ee 050-7023561

All council departments are working as usual and are preparing for the various effects of coronavirus. You can contact the council in all the usual ways, phone, app and email.

Security - At the moment, the military's directive is that there is no entry of workers from the Bethlehem district or of workers age 50+.

Shefa - Cleaning of streets and garbage collection is done by Palestinian workers. In light of the army's instructions, most workers cannot enter Efrat.  We may get to the point where the frequency of garbage collection will decrease.

We ask the public to keep garbage in the receptacles. If the bin does not open, it is a sign that it is full, and ask that you discard the garbage in another bin, rather than placing it next to the garbage or in an open area. Maintaining good hygiene is critical these days, so we are all required to pay more attention to issue of cleanliness.

Schools, gamin and tzaharonim -  Currently all activity will continue as usual. The Ministry of Education has issued guidelines to the schools. The school staff has been instructed to emphasize hygiene in personal and public space.

The Council has set up advisory teams led by medical coordinator, Abba Richman, which will go around to the educational institutions and ganim and speak to the children in appropriate language and answer the children's questions.

Youth Movements and Community Activities - All cultural events over 100 people are  canceled. Sports activities will continue to run, according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Population - These days, it is of great importance  for us to take care of each other. The Social Services Division is in direct contact with the various Resilience Team staff and volunteers.

Efrat operates several programs for senior citizens. This population is at greater risk if exposed to the virus. Representatives are in constant contact with program managers in order to continue operations with maximum protection.

The social services department of Efrat is opening a telephone line offering emotional support  - Sunday -Thursday, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm, by phone: 02-9939370

Health - Efrat health system representatives are in constant contact with Health Ministry representatives and they receive verified updates and guidelines at every stage. At their request, we reiterate that a person who is not feeling well and has symptoms of high fever and respiratory problems is asked to stay home and call the MADA hotline at 101.

The guidelines for residents in need of isolation can be found on the Ministry of Health website attached below.

Religious Council - Guidelines for synagogues have been issued. Synagogues throughout Efrat have already changed the times and the composition of minyanim. The synagogues should be kept in check so that they do not exceed 100 people, especially on Shabbat. Windows should remain open.

We will upload any new information to the council website.

The mikvahs in Efrat are operating as usual - the hours appear on the council's website.

We are watching the Ministry of Health guidelines and we will continue to update accordingly.

Summing up the Council meeting today, Mayor Oded Revivi, said: "I am convinced that our community has the power to deal with the challenges at hand. If we follow the guidelines, if we discover self-discipline, if we find mutual engagement, the virus will a small thing for us".

Resident information team.

To the Ministry of Education Information Page - https://parents.education.gov.il/prhnet/parents/healthy-lifestyle/korona
To the Ministry of Health information page -  https://www.health.gov.il/English/Topics/Diseases/corona/Pages/default.aspx
Ministry of Health Application regarding Corona – coronaApp
For the Efrat app - Look for Efrat in the app store. Register for Emergency Notices - https://ctconnect.co.il/forms/form?f=aa8884da2a4644955f2cfe579e31ba77
Telephone number for MADA – 101, extension 2