Mikveh Update

The women's mikvehs are open as usual. 

Any woman in quarantine or who does not feel well may not immerse. 

Women in high-risk groups should contact the mikveh to arrange to be the first to immerse.

Any women who plan to immerse should perform all of their preparations at home (a thorough shower suffices for those with no access to a bath), including a quick shower right before getting to the mikveh, so that they can immerse straightaway after inspecting themselves in the mirror. 

We have added additional cleaning staff to ensure that facilities and supplies are properly disinfected, and are maintaining the water in compliance with Health Ministry guidelines so that it is safe for use. 

We are also working on creating an appointment system to further streamline mikveh visits, and will get the word out as soon as that's ready. In the meanwhile, we ask women who to use the Dekel or Rimon mikvehs as much as possible in order to reduce crowding in the Zayit.       

As always, the Yoatzot Halacha in Efrat are happy to be of assistance with any questions. For more information on niddah observance during the pandemic, click here.