Update for Thursday, March 19 as of 15:00

Dear residents,

As stated earlier, in Efrat there are currently 5 patients that have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, all of them from the Tamar neighborhood. We thank them for agreeing to publicize their names and we wish them a quick recovery.
We are trying to expedite the test results for all those who have been tested. If you have been tested and not yet received an answer please fill out this form.
The form goes to the Ministry of Health and is not used by the Moetza in any way.

Families / Individuals in Need of assistance: There is a social service hotline running from 8:30-14:00 - 02-9939370. 
The psychological service has a hotline for students, parents, and educators at 02-9939333 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

A public information system is being prepared for Shabbat, and guidelines on this subject will follow later today in a separate announcement.

The Home Front Command has published an accessible portal containing various guidelines and updates: https: //info.oref.org.il/

The council's website contains information and links to internet activities, information about local businesses, rights and more

Transportation - We want to remind you that there will be no public transportation from tonight at 20:00 until Sunday morning. In addition, the Rav Kav store in Gush Etzion has closed until further notice.

Sanitation and Sewage - Please make sure to put the garbage in the underground bins, and please do not flush wipes down the toilet as this causes clogging in the main system and sewer overflow in the streets.

Please remember that we are here for you, and we can be contacted on Facebook, App, Phone and Email

Public Information Team