Notice to the Public about Receiving Information on Shabbat

Dear residents,

Over the past week we have made sure to update you every day by all digital means with the belief and understanding that transparency is required to maintain trust and public health.

Going into Shabbat, after consultation with Rabbi Riskin, the Rav of Efrat, and Rabbi Eitan Weiss, Secretary of the Religious Council, it was decided that we will continue in the same format.

We are enclosing a confidentiality waiver form here. Residents who have been tested and who are willing to publish their name if they receive a positive test result should fill out this form before Shabbat.

A resident who tests positive should call the security hotline at 1700705000 and update them with his/her name. The hotline will report the name to the council representatives who are dealing with the issue.

We understand that the burden on the Ministry of Health is considerable, and getting the routes of those who have been infected is irrelevant at this time. Knowing the names of patients will help residents figure out if there is a chance that they have been exposed.

In order to receive messages from the Council that may be life saving, Rabbi Riskin has ordered that at least one mobile device be left on in each home over Shabbat.

Attached is a link to register for the Emergency Alerts, if you have previously registered for these alerts you do not need to re-register.

When information about patients is received, we will publish it by all means, and in addition we will send a text containing a message with an attached link.

If necessary, under the direction of the Mayor and the Chief of the Council, we will issue an updatenusing security vehicles.

According to Rabbi Riskin's directive, all minyanim in all synagogues throughout Efrat should be closed until further notice, and minyanim should not be held in homes or outdoors.
The rabbi's full letter is on the council's website in Hebrew and English - the link is below:

 We continue to ask that all residents stay in their homes and obey the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Wishing all residents of Efrat a Shabbat Shalom
And a fast and complete recovery for those in need,

Council employees