Update for Friday, March 20th at 3 PM


Dear residents,
At this time there are 20 verified patients in Efrat, all in the Tamar neighborhood.

We thank those who have allowed us to publish their names, and we wish everyone a speedy recovery.
All students and staff from Aseh Chayil must be in isolation until Thursday March 26th, as the art teacher, Tzipora Moshovitz, has tested positive for the Coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health has begun updating the patients' routes. You can find this information in the attached link.
Patients number 368, 379, and 393 are known to be from Efrat. In order to maintain their privacy we are not disclosing their names at this time.

Please understand that the Ministry of Health is under a lot of stress, and it will take a while to publish the rest of the routes of the patients who live in Efrat. At the request of the residents, the council has established an internal investigative team that is working to disclose the routes of patients who have agreed to reveal their names.

If you have been tested, we ask you to fill out the following two forms.
These forms are the only information that the Moetza will have about your case.
The details in the form can be used by the Moetza to speed up the test results and provide updates as to the individuals routes.

Residents who are awaiting testing: Please note MADA will continue to conduct tests and collect samples during Shabbat, so phones must be left on and answered if needed.

Residents who have already been tested and are awaiting a reply, and who are willing to have their names published, please fill out a confidentiality waiver form.

A resident who receives a positive diagnosis during Shabbat is asked to call the security hotline at 1700705000.

We reiterate that all residents must listen to the guidelines provided by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, and each family must leave one cell phone turned on over Shabbat in order to receive updates on patients who have tested positive, so that they can act in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines.
We emphasize that it is prohibited to daven with a minyan in shul or in a private home.

Garbage Disposal for Isolated Families: People in isolation can take out their garbage provided they do not interact with other residents. Wash hands before and after taking out the garbage.
The garbage should be put in an airtight sealed or tied bag.
Please only fill the garbage bag up to 70%, and throw the bag out once a day.
The trash should be emptied into a central bin.
Take care that the garbage is not scattered in the public space.

Please remember that you are not alone!
Psychologists and social workers from the Moetza are here for you. For assistance, please call the various hotlines: 02-9939333 / 02-9939370

According to the weather forecast, we are expect a cold and windy Shabbat. However, the strength of our community is visible through its actions, volunteerism, and mutual care for one another. We are  confident that we will get through this together!

Shabbat Shalom,
Resident Information Team