Residents of the Dagan

Dear residents,

Residents of the Dagan, please take note, the following message if for all of Efrat, but is most important for you:
Out of communal responsibility, Chaim Natan, resident of the Dagan has been diagnosed with Coronavirus.
We thank him for agreeing to publish his name and route, and we wish him a complete recovery.

The following is a list of places in the Gush area where he was in the last two weeks:
11/3 at 17:00 Zayit Makolet
12/3 at 17:15 Zayit Makolet
12/3 at 20:30 Marriv in the shul at HaCharish 3 followed by Daf Yomi.
17/3 maariv at HaCharish 3 at 18:15 or 20:30
18/3 at 17:00 Shufersal at the tzomet and 18:15 Maariv at HaCharish 3
20/3 at 7:00 Shiffon Bakery in Neve Daniel and 7:30 at Zayit Makolet

Anyone who has been in contact with them must enter into isolation immediately within 14 days of the last contact.

We wish Chaim a complete recovery and we ask that you respect his privacy and not contact him at this time.