Daily Update for Friday May 1st, 17:00

Dear Residents and Parents,

There are currently 3 patients in Efrat and 60 who have recovered.
Despite the late publication of this update, we are making every effort to safely and quickly return students to school.
After assessing the situation and following the government's decisions this Friday, the following are the key points:

1. Grades 1-3 - will be returning to school on Sunday, May 3rd.
The schools and staff are preparing for their return. The students will be split into smaller classes. At this time it is not mandatory for parents to send their children to school.
Tzaharonim will not open on Sunday (we will update you on when they are expected to open), and there will be no transportation to or from schools.
Parents will not be allowed into the school grounds.
Guidelines and additional information will be provided by the school staff.

2. High School - Will not open on Sunday, and probably not on Monday. We will update you when we receive organized guidelines, and we will make sure that you have sufficient preparation time. For now we will continue with distance learning.

3. Ganim- are expected to open in another week, around May 10th.
Except for the special education ganim which will continue to run in the same manner as this past week.

4. Grades 4-8 - will continue with distance learning.

We are sure you have quite a few questions about the proposed outline and how it is expected to happen so soon. Together with the education staff, we will work hard to achieve the best possible results for Sunday.
We are preparing to hold a Facebook Live event on Saturday night that will address going back to school. The exact timing will  be announced when Shabbat is over.  You can send us your questions in the comments.
We once again ask that everyone adhere to the Ministry of Health's guidelines so that we can all  quickly get back to normal.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom,
The Public Information Team