Update for Sunday, May 10th

Dear Residents,

This morning, about 90 percent of children in gan (group 1) went back to school! The ganim opened to the joy and excitement of both children and teachers. Today we toured the ganim and we appreciated how dedicated the staff is to adhering to the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. We wish everyone good luck as we continue to return to routine.

School buses were back in service this morning. Municipal representatives and volunteers observed the bus stops throughout the city this morning to make sure that the transportation system was running properly and following guidelines. It is clear that the children have internalized the importance of adhering to the Ministry of Health's instructions.

Starting tomorrow, there will also be bussing to Orot Yehuda high school. Pick up will begin at 8:30 in the Rimon and continue to the other neighborhoods.

Tzaharon - We are aware of the importance of opening Tzaharon as soon as possible, but we are committed to waiting for a clear update from the government ministries so that we can be sure that they open and operate safely.

All Maonot opened today in accordance with the instructions, except for the Maon in the Dekel.
The staff of the Maon in the Dekel have been in contact with the parents, and it is scheduled to open during the coming week.

Lag Ba'omer - 
Although there are many rumors circulating, we have still not received updates on whether or not there will be school on Tuesday, Lag Ba'omer. As of now there is no school.
Please remember that there is a total ban on lighting or loitering near a bonfire until Wednesday, May 13th. The Israel Police and municipal security will be enforcing these restrictions. Please obey the instructions, and avoid fines. 

Starting this morning, the Ministry of Health's latest guidelines allow open-space gatherings for up to 50 people. Therefore, and with the consent of Rabbi Riskin:

Minyanim - Up to 50 people are allowed to daven together in an open space, with 2 meters between people, while wearing masks. We are still not permitted to open the shuls. 

Weddings - Up to 50 people are allowed to attend a wedding in an open space, with 2 meters between people, while wearing masks and with no dancing.

Brit Milah - Up to 50 people may attend a brit milah in an open space, and up to 19 people may be inside a building with 2 meters in between people, while wearing masks.

Women’s mikvahs  - The women’s mikvahs continue to operate according to the guidelines. Women must make an online appointment in advance of using the mikvah. 

MIkvahs for Men - Starting Tuesday, Lag Ba'Omer, the men's mikvah in the Rimon will be open from 6:00 to 9:00. Up to 2 people are allowed in the mikvah at one time. The mikva does not have a permit to run showers. Appointments must be made in advance - details will be updated later. More details can be found on the Council website.

Marriage registration - appointments must be made in advance at 02-9931772.

Entry for Workers: The military's directive on the banning of workers for private purposes is still in effect. The ban includes cleaning, renovation, landscaping and any other private purpose.

Chugim: The Elitzur basketball team began practicing today in accordance with the guidelines. The fitness center will open up this Tuesday, and Yafit will open on Wednesday.

We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team