Updated for Monday June 1st at 18:00

Dear residents,

In light of the increase in the number of Corona cases in the country, including students and teaching staff in the educational institutions, the drive through Corona testing stations have been reopened, and the testing policy has changed. As of today, the family doctors are able to decide who is able to get tested.
Residents who have come into contact with a verified patient, who work, learn, or teach in an institution that is closed due to the discovery of patients, or have symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing, or loss of taste and smell are requested to contact their family physician for examination.
Since the Ministry of Health is under great strain and the publication of data and patient routes are being delayed, we reiterate the importance of reporting positive test results to the Moked or to the Neighborhood Teams so that we can assist patients and so that we can plan accordingly for the number of patients in Efrat. (We will only publish the names of patients who agree to sign a confidentiality waiver.)
Please remember that if you had contact with a verified patient you must stay in isolation for 14 days, even if your test results come back negative.
As far as we know, today in Efrat there is only one patient in the Tamar neighborhood, and we look forward to his recovery.
Additionally, there are a small number of families who are in isolation as a result of coming into contact with a patient when they were outside of Efrat. Throughout the Gush, as far as we know, there are currently 16 patients in Har Gilo and 2 patients in Tekoa.
We are following the current increase in cases in Israel, and we maintain regular contact with the various government ministries and are attentive to their guidelines. We conduct daily examinations of what is happening in Efrat, and we are preparing for a second outbreak scenario, though we hope it will not materialize. It is clear that the Coronavirus is still here. Please remember the critical importance of wearing a mask and maintaining social distance and personal hygiene.

Moked: 1208 or 1700705000
Neighborhood Team Leaders:
Dagan - Dana Spiegel 052-5350254
Dekel - Moti Avner 050-523129
Tamar - Esti Margaliot 050-5205797
Geffen - Aaron Hyman 054-5695614
Rimon / Teena - Miriam Wengrower 052-7203459
Zayit - Ro’ee 0507023561

We will continue to update as the situation develops,

The Public Information Team