Update for Tuesday July 7th, 18.30

Dear residents,

Today we learned that one of the employees of Maon Emunah - "Sarigim" on Matityahu Cohen Street in the Zayit neighborhood has tested positive for the Coronavirus.
The worker is not a resident of Efrat.
The last time she was at work in the daycare was on Thursday, June 25.
According to the guidelines of the Health Ministry, the Maon is now closed for the next two days and will reopen on Friday, July 10th.

We are reiterating the guidelines involving the isolation of small children and toddlers who need a family member with them:

The family member who goes into isolation with the child must stay in isolation for the entire time period that is required for the child.
The family member who joins the child is subject to all the restrictions of isolation - they must distance themselves from the rest of the household and use separate utensils.
If the child and the adult with them cannot cannot be separated from the rest of the family the whole family must enter into joint isolation.

If you must go into isolation, please fill out The Ministry of Health's form at the link:


One who has been in the presence of a verified patient is entitled to ask his/her family doctor to be tested.
Please remember that even if you receive a negative result, you must still stay in isolation until the quarantine period is complete.

As of tomorrow, there will be no public reception in the Moetza. We are available by phone, email and through the app.

We wish a complete recovery to the day care worker.
And we encourage everyone to adhere to the guidelines: wear a mask, keeping your distance, and maintain personal hygiene.

We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team