Update for Wednesday, July 8th, 21:30


Dear Residents,

New cases in Efrat:
We have learned that 2 residents of the Geffen neighborhood have tested positive for the Coronavirus.
Both residents have agreed to share their routes as they relate to the other residents of Efrat.

Wednesday, July 1, Shacharit in the Mishkan Tzipora Synagogue from 8:30 - 9:15
The patient was sitting at the entrance.
Thursday July 2nd, around 13:30 - Zedekiahu Deli at the Te’ena Shopping Center.
Every day for the past two weeks - Mincha at 13:30 pm at the Te’ena Shopping Center or at the entrance to Tirosh Street.
Ma’ariv - Every day at the entrance to Tirosh Street.
Monday, July 6 - at 16:00, Efrat Library.
After this (the exact hours are unclear) the Efrat Pharmacy, followed by the Efrat Post Office, Kolbo Efrat, and Zislek’s Ice Cream.
No other customers were present at the pharmacy or Kolbo Efrat while the patient was inside.

Anyone who was in these places at these times may have been exposed to a verified patient. In accordance with the Ministry of Health's instructions, a 14-day isolation period is required.
For questions and clarifications, please call the Health Ministry’s Corona hotline at 5400*.

Additionally, the following information has been approved for publication:
A staff member of the Yeshiva Shvut Yisrael in the Dekel neighborhood has been diagnosed. A message has been sent out to the students and their parents. The staff member is not an Efrat resident.

A message from the Education Department:
Due to a significant increase in the number of patients in Beitar (280 patients), the government has decided to close the city for one week.

The Efrat education system has over 80 staff members who live in Betar. They will not be able to come to work because of the closure.

We have combined forces to recruit appropriate personnel for the summer camps in the schools and ganim in order to keep everything running as smoothly as possible under the circumstances.

Thankfully, through the efforts of the education department and the matnas workers, we have been able to fully resolve the labor shortage in the schools and in most of the ganim and tzaharonim.

 The following tzaharonim will not open tomorrow:
Afikim (serves the children of basor, elah, afikim, elal), Keshet (serves all the mechinot), Nahshon, Arbe (and Tamar)l and Netafim.

As part of our efforts to open as many classrooms as possible, we have unfortunately not been able to replace the personal / medical assistants.
We hope that we will figure out a solution by Sunday.

We will continue to do everything we can to open all the tzaharonim and ganim on Sunday.
We are continuing our search for professional personnel. Suitable candidates are welcome to email:

We encourage everyone to adhere to the guidelines so that we will we prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

We will do everything we can to ensure that our daily routines can continue during this challenging time.

We will continue to update,
The Public Information Team