Update for Thursday, July 16, at 10:30 

Dear Residents,

We have been informed that an assistant in Gan Yarden - on Matityahu HaCohen in the Zayit - has been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

Due to the lockdown in the city of Beitar, the assistant in the gan was only present on Wednesday, July 8, and it is this date that is important for us.

All the children and staff of Gan Yarden who were in the gan on this day should go into isolation from now until Wednesday, July 22.

In addition - the children in the Yarden Tzaharon, which also consists of children from the Snir and Hermon ganim, who attended the gan on Wednesday, July 8, from 13:00-13:30 should also enter into isolation.

The assistant rode the shuttle with 13 other assistants. The Department of Education is now working to find additional manpower in order to keep these ganim open.Changes are being made immediately in the ganim where the assistants are required to go into isolation.


Parents of children in Gan Yarden and Tzaharon Yarden are asked to come and pick up their children immediately and enter into isolation. Individual messages are currently being issued to these parents. The Gan Yarden staff will remain in the gan until the last parent arrives. The children are calm and cared for.


The Education Department is running a hotline for parent questions and clarifications. The hotline will be open until 16:00.

Parents who are delayed in picking up their child are asked to be in touch with the Education Department via the hotline at: 029931054

Education Department Phone: 029939330

At 11:00, the head of the council will hold a Facebook Live meeting where he will give an overview of the situation in Efrat and answer questions.


We wish the assistant a complete and speedy recovery.


We will continue to update,

The Public Information Team