Daily update for Friday July 17 at 13:00

 Dear Residents,
These are not simple times.
According to the records of the Ministry of Health, there are currently 15 verified patients inEfrat.
Thanks to residents who inform us of their medical condition, we have access to data that allows us to examine trends such as infection rate and patient routes that help us make well reasoned decisions.
The names of the patients are only revealed once we have received patient permission.
We maintain the privacy of patients as we assist and accompany them throughout the process.

This morning we learned that a staff member who worked at the Mishalev school in the Tamar tested positive for the virus.
 An inspection we conducted with the health supervisor at the Ministry of Education shows that all the activity with the staff member took place in an open area, the staff member wore a mask throughout the activity, and there was no contact with students or staff.
 The Ministry of Education therefore decided that there was no need to send students into isolation.
Beyond that, the staff member, who is a resident of Efrat, was in the following public places:
Friday July 10 between the hours of 10:00-12:00 at the makolet in the Zayit neighborhood.
Shabbat-  July 11 between the hours of 16:00-18:00 in the park in front of Orot Yehuda in Zayit.
Residents with who the individual had contact have been informed.
We wish all patients a complete recovery.

Fortunately, based on the data we have, we see that the initial infection occurred outside of Efrat and was restricted to the family members.
 The residents of Efrat are following the guidelines and are preventing further spread. 
 We ask you to continue to wear masks, maintain good hygiene and keep social distance. Following these guidelines prevents infection!

 For parents whose young children are in isolation, we have prepared some tips:

Last night, the government decided to reinstate more restrictions.  In accordance with the many new guidelines, the gym is closed and seating in restaurants is prohibited.  The restaurants will remain open for take away and deliveries only.

 The end of the "corona period" is not clear or visible on the horizon but we will get through this together. 

 Shabbat Shalom
 We will keep you updated,
 The Public information team