Update for Saturday, July 18 at 23:00

 Dear Residents,

As far as we know, no new Efrat patients were diagnosed during Shabbat. The number of known patients currently stands at 15.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the educational frameworks in Efrat will open: school camp, ganim, maonot and tzaharonim, with the exception of the following institutions that will be closed due to corona exposure: Gan El Al, Gan and Tzaharon Yarden,Tzaharon Afikim, the Gimulim group in Maon Srigim in Zayit, Mishpachton Yael and Adi in Dagan, and Mishpachton Yael in Tamar.
All parents received a personal message from the educational staff.

As of tomorrow, external teachers who run chugim will not be permitted to enter into the educational institutions.
Please remember that no parents are allowed to enter the educational institutions, and each student must bring a signed health statement every morning.

The Neighborhood Teams and Council staff are working to assist all patients and their families as much as possible.

We reiterate a number of important guidelines for stopping the spread of infection:
Anyone who has experienced symptoms of fever, weakness, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, and loss of sense of taste and smell is asked to go into isolation and consult a family doctor. If the family doctor approves the corona test, please stay in isolation until the results are received.

Many residents have approached us to see how they can help families in isolation.
Attached is a list of the heads of the Neighborhood Teams that coordinate assistance to families. Please contact them by sms or WhatsApp:

Dagan - Dana Spiegel 052-5350254
Dekel - Moti Avner 050-5231296,
Tamar - Esti Margalit 050-5205797
Geffen - Aaron Hyman 054-5695614
Zayit - Ro’ee Indy 0507023561
Rimon/Te’ena - Miriam Wengrower 052-7203459.

We wish a complete recovery to all patients, and an easy time to all those in isolation.
We believe that by working together and acting with communal responsibility we will emerge strong and united from this difficult period.

Shavua Tov,,
We will continue to update,,
The Public Information Team