Daily Update for Sunday, July 19, at 14:00 


Dear Residents,

At the request of residents, and with the increase in the number of verified patients and people in isolation within Efrat, we have decided to resume our daily updates.

As we did during the first round of the Coronavirus, we will continue to inform you daily and with full transparency about what is happening in Efrat. We will explain the challenges and the struggles that we as a municipality are experiencing, as well as initiatives and actions of  Council employees, volunteers, and residents.

We ask for your trust, and we promise to be available for questions and clarifications to the best of our ability.

Do not hesitate to contact us if there are specific topics which you would like us to address. 

During the period when there were 0 patients in Efrat, the Council was busy preparing for the possibility that employees would need to work remotely. Last week, as the infection began to spread a second time, we stopped allowing the public to enter Council offices, and about 40% of Council employees began to work from home. Council employees continue to work on issues related to Corona, assessing the opening of the upcoming school year, and more.

We are doing everything we can to ensure that work goes on uninterrupted, and that residents do not notice any difference in the quality and accessibility of services.

Please remember that you can contact us by phone, email and via the app for information or services.

The cooperation of the residents is crucial in dealing with the virus and in making decisions for the future. Your willingness to share information about your diagnosis, and to publish your name and your route, will help us to stop the spread of disease. 

We continue to encourage personal responsibility in adhering to the guidelines - wear a mask, maintain social distance, and keep proper hygiene. That is how we will get through this period as quickly as possible. Together we can defeat the virus!

We will continue to update,

The Public Information Team