Daily update for Tuesday July 21 at 17:00

Dear Residents,
We currently know of 25 confirmed patients throughout Efrat, and close to 300 families who are in isolation.

In the effort to stop the spread of infection,  Hanan Rubenstein of the Geffen has agreed to publish his name and route.
Hanan davened Shacharit on Thursday, July 16, at the synagogue in Geffen (Lower Minyan) at 07:45.
Between 11:45-12:45 he sat in the open area of the Siftah coffee shop in Dagan.
At 19:28, he was at Mincha in the synagogue in the Geffen.

Ashley Perry of the Zayit is another confirmed case. Ashley davened  Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday, July 17 on lower Pitum HaKetoret.

We thank them, and wish them both a complete recovery.

Residents who have been in contact with them are asked to enter the isolation and notify the Ministry of Health at the following link: https://govforms.gov.il/mw/forms/QuarantineForExposees%40health.gov.il

For questions and clarifications about who must go into isolation, please call the Ministry of Health * 5400.

Another patient has been identified from Gan Rimon in the Geffen, and the isolation period of the children and staff has been extended until August 2.

An employee of Maon Emunah in the Tamar has also been diagnosed, and under the direction of the Ministry of Health, the maon will be closed until July 27. Parents and staff were instructed to enter isolation.

Maon Sarigim is closing Kitat HaTinokot Aleph/Bogrim until July 28, as the staff is in isolation after coming into contact with a verified patient.

Tips for young children in isolation can be found at the link: https://en.calameo.com/read/004914375c8a4897aad05

If you are experiencing any symptoms, we urge you not to take any risks. Stay home and consult a family doctor!
 We will continue to update,
 The Public Information Team