Update for Tuesday, August 25th at 16:00

Dear Residents,

To the best of our knowledge, there are currently 4 verified patients in Efrat and about 90 in isolation.

Yishai Harband from the Geffen and Hadas Dietcher from the Dagan have agreed to reveal their names to help stop the chain of infection and maintain the health of Efrat residents.

Those who davened at Tiferet Avot with Yishai last Shabbat inside the synagogue building are asked to contact the Ministry of Health 5400 * in order to receive isolation instructions.
The Gabbaim sent a message to those who usually daven there.
Hadas' contacts are being investigated and those who had contact with her will receive personal instructions.

We would like to mention the importance of updating the Neighborhood Teams or the Moked if you receive a positive diagnosis.
Help us help you, and protect the community.

We wish all the patients a quick and full recovery,

We will keep you updated,
The Public Information Team