Update for Thursday, September 10th at 19:00


Dear Residents,

The number of verified patients in Efrat has increased to 20.

Yesterday we learned that a baby from group 2 in the Srigim class in Zayit tested positive for the coronavirus. All the babies in the group have entered into isolation.

We would like to clarify a few important points:

While there are new patients in Efrat there are also patients who have recovered, so the number of verified patients has remained relatively stable.

We advertise the routes of verified patients when we believe that they were in public spaces within Efrat, and there may be implications for other residents.

Many residents give us permission to publish their names, and we are grateful to them. Thanks to them we can cut off the chain of infection as quickly as possible, preventing another outbreak in Efrat.

In these days leading up to the holidays it is important that we remember not to judge or blame the patients. Patients who reveal their names are acting bravely, yet we have unfortunately heard that they are being blamed and judged by those around them.

The Coronavirus has no clear signs, patients are often asymptomatic and do not even know that they are ill. They may therefore infect others without even knowing it.

Patients who have recovered receive instructions from their doctor, and they do not pose any risk to the environment. We should be happy to greet them, and we should be grateful that they are once again healthy and well.

In these days when the number of patients in the country continues to climb to new heights every day and there is uncertainty about the future, it is important that we remember that our strength lies in our community, in our mutual concern for one another, and in our good neighborliness. Together we can get through this challenging time.

On Sunday - Tuesday of next week (September 13-15) there will be no one answering the phone at the Ministry of the Interior and the Social Security branch in Efrat.

Wishing you a Shabbat shalom,,

We will continue to update you,

The Public Information Team